What Our Church Fathers Said About Israel

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Have you ever wondered why the world still exists until at this present time? In this book, Rev. W. C. Lamain gives a clear answer: “Because there are still people who must be converted. Because Jewry still has to be brought back to the Lord. There are yet promises that await their fulfillment. And so long as the last of the elect has not yet been gathered in, Christ cannot return on the clouds of heaven.”

Thomas Boston asks us: “Are you longing for a revival to the churches, now lying like dry bones; would you fain have the Spirit of life enter into them? Then pray for the Jews.”

What should our attitude be with regard to the Jewish people? Isaac Watts instructs that “we must be compassionate towards this nation in misery.”

These words, as well as the many other instructive writings by our church forefathers found in this book, formulate the sincere wishes and prayers of the members of Ezra for Israel.

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