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Hatikva (The Hope)

Kol od ba’le’vav p’nima,Nefesh yehudi ho’miyah.
U’lefa-atei mizrach kadimah,
Ayin le’Tziyyon tzofiyah.
Od lo avda tikva-teinu,
Ha’tikvah bat sh’not al-payim
Lih-yot am chofshi b’ar-tzeinu
Eretz Tziyyon v’Yerushalayim.
Lih-yot am chofshi b’ar-tzeinu
Eretz Tziyyon v’Yerushalayim.

As long as the Jewish spirit is yearning deep in the heart,
With eyes turned toward the East, looking toward Zion,
Then our hope – the two-thousand-year-old hope – will not be lost:
To be a free people in our land,
The land of Zion and Jerusalem
To be a free people in our land,
The land of Zion and Jerusalem.

Psalter 18

1. Why standest Thou afar, O Lord,
Why art Thou hid in trouble’s hour?
The wicked persecute the poor
In haughty pride and reckless power.

5. A lion crouching for his prey,
He waits the poor to overthrow;
He thinks that God remembers not,
Or hides His face and will not know.

6. Arise, O Lord, lift up Thy hand,
O God, protect the poor and meek;
Why should the proud Thy justice doubt,
And words of bold defiance speak?

7. O Lord, Thou wilt indeed requite,
The sin and sorrow Thou dost see;
The helpless and the fatherless
Commit themselves, O Lord, to Thee.

8. Break Thou the power of wicked men
And let their works no longer stand;
The Lord is King for evermore,
Who drove the nations from His land.

Psalter 356

1. Like Zion’s steadfast mount are they
Who in the Lord confide;
Secure, immovable they stand,
Forever to abide.

2. As round about Jerusalem
The mountains give defense,
Jehovah is His people’s guard,
Their lasting confidence.

3. No tyrant’s scepter o’er the good
Shall undisturbed abide,
Lest righteous men, oppressed by wrong,
To evil turn aside.

6. O Thou Who are Thy people’s shield,
Their helper and their guide,
Upon them let Thy grace and peace
Forevermore abide.

Psalter 134

1. Within Thy temple, Lord,
in that most holy place,
We on Thy lovingkindness dwell,
The wonders Thy grace.
Men sing Thy praise, O God,
Where’er Thy Name is known;
By every deed Thy hand hath wrought
Thy righteousness is shown.

2. Let Zion now rejoice,
And all her children sing;
Let them with thankfulness proclaim
The judgments of their King.
Mount Zion’s walls behold,
About her ramparts go,
And number ye the lofty towers
That guard her from the foe.

3. Observe her palaces,
Mark her defenses well,
That to the sons that follow you
Her glories you may tell;
For God as our own God
Forever will abide,
And till life’s journey close in death
Will be our faithful guide.

Psalter 442

1. Our gracious God has laid His firm foundations
On Zion’s mount, the courts of His delight;
Her gates of splendor, bathed in heavenly light,
He loves far more than Jacob’s habitations.

2. What glorious things, O city of Jehovah,
Are spoken in melodious tones of thee!
Lo, Rahab, even Babel, I will see
‘Mid hallowed chorus singing Hallelujah.

4. God will Himself confirm them with His blessing,
And on the roll of nations He will count
All these as born on Zion’s holy mount,
In many tongues one God, one faith confessing.

Psalter 185

1. In full assurance of Thy grace
To Thee my prayers ascend;
In Thy abounding love and truth,
O God, salvation send.

2. Preserve my sinking soul, I pray,
From tides of hatred save;
Let not the waters overflow,
Redeem me from the grave.

5. Well known to Thee is my reproach,
My shame and my disgrace;
The adversaries of my soul
Are all before Thy face.

7. They gave me bitter gall for food,
And taunting words they spake;
They gave me vinegar to drink,
My burning thirst to slake.

Psalter 47

2. But Thou art holy in Thy ways,
Enthroned upon Thy people’s praise;
Our fathers put their trust in Thee,
Believed, and Thou didst set them free.

11. I live and will declare Thy fame
Where brethren gather in Thy Name;
Where all Thy faithful people meet,
I will Thy worthy praise repeat.

1. My God, my God, I cry to Thee;
O why hast Thou forsaken me?
Afar from Me, Thou dost not heed,
Though day and night for help I plead.

7. Unnumbered foes would do Me wrong,
They press about Me, fierce and strong,
Like beasts of prey their rage they vent,
My courage fails, My strength is spent.

10. O Lord, afar no longer stay;
O Thou my helper, haste, I pray;
From death and evil set Me free;
I live, for Thou didst answer Me.

Psalter 383

1. All that I am I owe to Thee,
Thy wisdom, Lord, hath fashioned me;
I give my Maker thankful praise,
Whose wondrous works my soul amaze.

3. Thy thoughts, O God, how manifold,
More precious unto me than gold!
I muse on their infinity,
Awaking I am still with Thee.

4. The wicked Thou wilt surely slay,
From me let sinners turn away;
They speak against the Name divine,
I count God’s enemies as mine.

Psalter 199

1. His saints shall live, and to the King
Rich gifts in tribute shall be paid;
His praises men shall ever sing,
For Him shall endless prayer be made.

2. Abundant fields for harvest white
Already wave in every land,
And Zion’s citizens delight
And prosper in their King’s command.

3. His Name shall evermore abide,
In Him shall all the world be blest;
By all the nations far and wide
His praise shall ever be confessed.

4. Now blessed be the Mighty One,
Jehovah, God of Israel,
For He alone has wonders done,
And deeds in glory that excel.

5. And blessed be His glorious Name,
Long as the ages shall endure;
O’er all the earth extend His fame.
Amen, Amen, for evermore.

Psalter 200

1. Christ shall have dominion
Over land and sea,
Earth’s remotest regions
Shall His empire be;
They that wilds inhabit
Shall their worship bring,
Kings shall render tribute,
Nations serve our King.

2. When the needy seek Him,
He will mercy show;
Yea, the weak and helpless
Shall His pity know;
He will surely save them
From oppression’s might,
For their lives are precious
In His holy sight.

3. Ever and forever
Shall His Name endure,
Long as suns continue
It shall stand secure;
And in Him forever
All men shall be blest,
And all nations hail Him
King of kings confessed.

4. Unto God Almighty
Joyful Zion sings;
He alone is glorious,
Doing wondrous things.
Evermore, ye people,
Bless His glorious Name,
His eternal glory
Through the earth proclaim.

Christ shall have dominion
Over land and sea,
Earth’s remotest regions
Shall His empire be.

Prodigal Son

1. Father I will leave you,
Give me all that’s mine,
I like other countries,
There is bread and wine.
And the old, grey father
spoke with broken voice,
Son here is your money
it is your own choice.

2. In a foreign country
He spent all he had,
Some days he felt happy,
but soon he felt sad.
Looked for work all over,
and instead of wine,
Finally filled his stomach
with the food of swine.

3. As a foolish sinner
To himself he came.
Thinking of his father,
He thought, I can’t blame
Him or any other,
I have been amiss,
Longing for my father,
I will there find bliss.

4. I will surely go now
Back to whom I’ve left,
Telling him I’m sorry
for the sin of theft.
I am no more worthy
to be called thy son;
And confirmed his saying
so the boy was done.

5. Hesitantly coming
To his father’s farm,
Ran his father quickly
with an outstretched arm,
Welcomed him most warmly
glad to see him back,
Glad to see repentance,
fell around his neck.

6. Bring the best of clothing,
kill the fatted calf,
Let us now be merry,
feast on his behalf!
For my son once was dead,
is a live again.
Lost in sin, unhappy,
now a happy man.

Abba Vader

1. Abba, Vader, U alleen,
U behoor ik toe,
U alleen doorgrondt mijn hart,
U behoort het toe.
Laat mijn hart steeds vurig zijn,
U laat nooit alleen,
Abba, Vader, U alleen,
U behoor ik toe.

2. Abba, Vader, laat mij zijn,
slechts van U alleen,
dat mijn wil voor eeuwig zij,
d’Uwe en anders geen.
Laat mijn hart nooit koud zijn, Heer,
laat mij nimmer gaan,
Abba, Vader, laat mij zijn,
slechts van U alleen.

The Lord’s my Shepherd (Psalter 52 & 53)

Psalter 52

1. Thou, Jehovah, art my Shepherd,
Therefore I no want shall know;
In green pastures Thou dost rest me,
Leadest where still waters flow,
And, when fainting,
Sweet refreshment dost bestow.

4. Surely grace and lovingkindness
Shall forever follow me,
Till, my days of life all ended,
Evermore my home shall be,
O Jehovah,
In Thy holy house with Thee.

Psalter 53

3. Yea, though I walk through death’s dark vale,
Yet will I fear no ill,
For Thou art with me, and Thy rod
And staff me comfort still.

4. A table Thou hast furnished me
In presence of my foes;
My head Thou dost with oil anoint,
And my cup overflows.

The Holy City

Last night I lay asleeping
There came a dream so fair
I stood in old Jerusalem
Beside the temple there
I heard the children singing
And ever as they sang
Methought the voice of Angels
From Heaven in answer rang
“Jerusalem, Jerusalem!
Lift up your gates and sing,
Hosanna in the highest.
Hosanna to your King!”

And then methought my dream was chang’d
The streets no longer rang
Hushed were the glad Hosannas
The little children sang
The sun grew dark with mystery
The morn was cold and chill
As the shadow of a cross arose
Upon a lonely hill
“Jerusalem, Jerusalem!
Hark! How the Angels sing,
Hosanna in the highest,
Hosanna to your King!”

And once again the scene was changed
New earth there seemed to be
I saw the Holy City
Beside the tideless sea
The light of God was on its streets
The gates were open wide
And all who would might enter
And no one was denied
No need of moon or stars by night
Or sun to shine by day
It was the new Jerusalem
That would not pass away
“Jerusalem! Jerusalem
Sing for the night is o’er
Hosanna in the highest
Hosanna for evermore!”

Psalter 162 (Psalter 161)

1. My soul in silence waits for God,
My Saviour He has proved;
He only is my rock and tower;
I never shall be moved.

2. My enemies my ruin seek,
They plot with fraud and guile;
Deceitful, they pretend to bless,
But inwardly revile.

3. My soul, in silence wait for God;
He is my help approved,
He only is my rock an tower,
And I shall not be moved.

4. My honor is secure with God,
My Saviour He is known;
My refuge and my rock of strength
Are found in God alone.

6. For surely men are helpers vain,
The high and the abased;
Yea, lighter than a breath are they
When in the balance placed.

7. Trust not in harsh oppression’s power
Nor in unrighteous gain;
If wealth increase, yet on your gold
Ye set your hearts in vain.

8. For God has spoken o’er and o’er,
and unto me has shown,
That saving power and lasting strength
Belong to Him alone.

9. Yea, loving kindness evermore
Belongs to Thee, O Lord;
And Thou according to his work
Dost every man reward.


The olive trees that stand in silence
Upon the hills of time,
To hear the voices of the city
As bells of evening chime.
The Shofar sounding from the temple
To call the world to prayer,
The shepherd pauses in the valley
And peace is ev’rywhere.

Far away beyond the desert,
A thousand suns will glow.
We shall be going to the Jordan,
By way of Jericho.
My simple voice can not acclaim thee,
Too weak the words I choose,
Jerusalem, if I forget thee,
May my right hand its cunning lose.

The water well for those who thirsted,
The ancient market square,
Your golden sun that lights the future
For all men ev’rywhere.
How many songs, How many stories,
The stony hills recall.
Around her heart my city carries
A lonely ancient wall.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
Forever young, yet forever old,
My heart will sing your songs of glory, Jerusalem
Jerusalem, Jerusalem,
Oh, city with a heart of gold,
My heart will sing your songs of glory,

Psalter 447

1. My soul was glad when unto me
They said, “Come, we will now repair
Unto Jehovah’s house of prayer,
There to adore His majesty.”
Jerusalem, where blessing waits,
Our feet are standing in thy gates,
Here shall we bring our supplications.
Jerusalem is builded well,
It is the pride of Israel,
Securely knit are its foundations.

2. Lo, to thy holy oracles
The tribes assemble from abroad
With thanks unto the Name of God,
For there His holy presence dwells.
The seats of judgment are therein,
The thrones of David’s royal kin,
There sit the rulers of the nations.
Prosperity shall be to them
That love thee, O Jerusalem,
Who make thy peace their supplication.

3. Let peace be found within thy walls
And in thy palaces repose;
Jehovah bless and prosper those
Who dwell within thy favored halls.
For friends and brethren I will say,
“Let peace abide in thee for aye,
May nought disturb thee now or ever.”
By reason of His temple fair
And for the mercy proffered there,
Will I invoke thy good forever.

All That Has Breath

All that has breath give praise to the Lord of lords.
All that has breath give praise to His great Name!
Sing, sing a song of praise, confess His power!
Proclaim with praise the marks of His favor!
Praise His Creation the temple where He wants to live.
Praise His creation the deeds of His power!
Sing songs of praise confess all His great might!
With praise proclaim, tokens of His favor!
All that has breath give praise to the Lord of lords.
All that has breath give praise to His great Name!
Praise Him with harps and, praise Him with drums,
Praise Him with a jubilant sound! Praise Him with cymbals,
with flutes and organs, Praise with stringed instruments!
Praise Him with harps and praise Him with drums,
Praise Him with a jubilant sound! Praise Him with cymbals,
with flutes and organs, Praise with stringed instruments!
All that has breath give praise to the Lord of lords.
All that has breath give praise to His great Name!
Sing, sing a song of praise, confess His power!
Proclaim with praise the marks of His favor!

Prayer For Grace

Lord, O hear us, in this hour
Lord, O hear us, in this hour,
Grant of grace it’s blessed power.
Grant of grace it’s blessed power.
Gracious God, our sins forgive us;
Gracious God, our sins forgive us;
And Thy mercy richly give us.
And Thy mercy richly give us.
May our hearts, Thy praises bringing,
May our hearts, Thy praises bringing,
Be sincere when we are singing.
Be sincere when we are singing.
May our eyes by faith behold Thee,
May our eyes by faith behold Thee,
And eternally extol Thee.
And eternally extol Thee.