CCS Display

Leona Vandenbrink’s grade 2 class of Calvin Christian School had an awesome display in for their annual Open House.  This display is available for anyone who would like to showcase information on Israel.

Travelling Through Northern Israel

The far northern region of Israel is an area often threatened by rockets from surrounding hostile nations such as Lebanon. Mount Hermon’s summit straddles the border between Israel, Syria and Lebanon.  At 2,814 m above sea level, it is the highest point in Israel. The Jordan River flows southward from the mountainous area where Israel,…


Travel with John and Mattie Les to Israel

My wife Mattie and I first travelled to Israel in May of 2015. All of the arrangements were extremely well organized by the Ezra for Israel leaders. Absolutely everything was looked after, and we never once felt unsafe in any way. We especially appreciated Erik Gezels, our tour guide. His knowledge of Israel, its history…